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Training & Development of Dalit leadership


VODI Institute Of Development Studies is an outcome and long cherished dream of VODI to train and empower the present and future Dalit leaders through international training and exposure programmes. After years of experience VODI has formed this institute to serve this need for creating leadership among the affected Dalit communities.

First Dalit Development Exposure & Training.

The Dalit activists who came in November 1999 were able to make the Churches and the local community aware of the plight of Dalits. They lived on the generosity of the local community of Grimsby especially Dr. & Mrs. Sarkar who provided accommodation to the Team for one year. The Team’s interaction and initiatives attracted even the local news on July 7, 2008 in the form of an article ‘charity plays host to Indian guests’.


The Team was able to organize seminar on Caste & Human Rights at Grimsby College on 7th June 2000. Rev. David Haslam of Dalit Solidarity Network- UK was the keynote speaker.  This seminar opened up the possibility of establishing VODI in London to be able to be located centrally.


it was realized the importance of the role that the Dalit Diaspora can play in the promotion and protection of human rights of Dalits. The initiatives in Grimsby also enabled VODI  to initiate and  promote the education of Dalit children back in India. (Read more - educational sponsorship programme)

Diploma in Dalit Development Studies                                                                                                                          

This international study and training programme is to provide international exposure, build confidence, leadership, capacities and skills of leaders and future leaders of marginalised, excluded and Dalit communities, who normally are denied of such opportunities. This 18 Months Course is jointly conducted by VODI Institute of Developmental Studies and London School of Arts, Merrick Road, Southall, Middlesex, UB2 4AU, United Kingdom.


Dalit Development and justice Course                                                                                                                           

Towards the middle of 2002,VODI made an arrangement with Southall School of Languages and Missionary Orientation to start an international Course on Dalit Development / Justice and Development Course. The Course officially started in 2003 and the next two years it took almost all the attention of VODI. For the first time in the history of Dalits, such an international Course was started. VODI was able to provide opportunity to 23 participants from India and Nepal. Some of them, after training have gone back to resume their work in their countries with a greater responsibility, some others joined with international Dalit movements and the remaining are continuing their higher studies in UK.

Dalit Christian Desk                                                                                                                                 

DCD is an Unit of VODI established after the first ever international Conference on Dalit Christian Rights  held in London from 24-25, April 06. This Unit strives to mobilise international Churches and Church related organisations to tackle the problems faced by the Dalit Christians.