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( A Project of VOD International Needs your Support )

DALITAID is an Aid Agency to support the poor especially the Dalits and other socially excluded communities, who are discriminated on the basis of caste, when it comes to relief, rehabilitation and developmental efforts even during the natural calamities like the Earthquake, Tsunami and recently Bihar floods.
We welcome you to be one of our supporters by contributing a monthly payment and thereby enable DALITAID to address these issues of discriminated ones and the poor in general.
Needs your Support


Volunteers / Internship


VODI is very happy to announce that we have two international interns joining us for three months from April to July 2013, as part of the Commonwealth Professional Fellowship Scheme.

“The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan is one of the largest and most prestigious Schemes for International Study in the world since it was established in 1959, around 29,000 individuals have benefitted – 17,000 have held awards funded by the United Kingdom. This Programme jointly sponsored by Department For International Development, UK (DFID), Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Department For Business and Skills (DBS) and the Scottish Government. VODI is also looking forward to the cultural exchange of ideas, which this Fellowship Programme will bring.



Sponsor a FUTURE

Education is the key to development. Dalit Children do not get opportunities for even basic education due to social, economic factors. We through VODI India Networks have created an opportunity for those willing to educate the school drop out Dalit children by sponsoring  the future of a child for £5.00 a month.