The U.K. Charity Registration No:1078764

Our Vision

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VODI champions the rights of all individuals to equality and freedom through effective and integrated developmental programmes.                                                                                                                                                

VODI’s vision is to conscientise, sensitise, and motivate the Western public, the agents of development and human rights and other variety of target groups, on the reality of extreme poverty, discrimination and all forms of human rights violations and abuses faced by Dalits who number more than 300 million people.                                                                                                

Our Mission is to internationalise the development and human rights issues of Dalits, the historically broken people.

We strive to  make the world and development actors aware of and address the causative factors of global poverty of Dalits.


Work locally for Community Cohesion, empowerment through skill development and equality for the marginalised and disadvantaged communities .


Nationally we work to motivate and support Dalit Diaspora of various faiths to protect and promote their rights and developments.


Internationally we strive to educate, train, empower and equip Dalit leaders, future leaders and activists. Specifically, VODI attempts to assist, monitor and ensure the due share of international developmental aid for Dalits with Dalit perspective and participation and to initiate various appropriate international Projects and campaigns for awareness and action for Dalit rights, dignity and development.